NIOS English 202 Free Solved Assignment [TMA] 2023 – 24 (English Medium)

NIOS Free Solved Assignment  [TMA] 2023 – 2024

English 202 Free Solved Assignment [TMA] 2023 – 24

Tutor Marked Assignment

Max. Marks: 20

In this article, you will get English 202 Free Solved Assignment [TMA] 2023-24. You will solved assignment of other subjects in our page nios solved assignment 2023-24.

Q. 1. (a) Shovan Lal, though poor, was large-hearted. Give at least one example in support of your answer.

Ans: Yes, I am totally agreeing with his statement because Shovan Lal was a poor boy who earned money by polishing shoes of other people, he came first to help Narrotam to help him to earn some money for his survival. So we can say that Shovan Lal was a large hearted boy.

Q. 2. Answer any one of the following question in about.

(a) List out noises that you find intolerable and give suggestion to reduce them.

Ans: Some of the annoying noise and the ways to reduce them are as follows:

1) Noise from vehicles: this leads to sound pollution and can be reduced if “No hone zones” are created on the buys struts.

2) Noise from parties in residential area: sound system should be kept at a lower volume and rules should be imposed regarding such noises.

3) Sound from machines: this is mainly caused due to dryness between moving point and can be controlled by proper greasing or oiling.

Q. 3. Answer any one of the following questions in about

(a) Mother Teresa took care of the old and the sick. Who were unwanted and abandoned by their relative? How did Mother Teresa make her patients full comfortable?

Ans: Mother Teresa opened a school in Calcutta and the sisters would spend the time in teaching little children, giving them food and look after them as more and more people joined her, Mother
Teresa began to open more school. Mother Teresa always want patient to feel comfortable, so she always takes care of her Patients.

Explanation: Mother Teresa was born on 26th August 1910. She was the founder of the missionaries of charity.

Q. 4. Answer any one of the following questions in about

(a) In the poem ‘tall trees’ the poet presents an integrated picture of nature. It is a harmonious would where various elements and objects of nature like the clouds, birds, day night and moon work in close associates and without any disagreement. It is a pleasant picture of selfless care and protection. Write a paragraph.

Ans: Nature can be felt and tree can be seen everywhere. One can see tall trees in forests, villages and mountain slopes the poet says that the tall tree has their hearts in the stay. Thus see the clouds passing by these shows that there are really tall. In the evening, when the sky darkness and the birds move to their home in the trees for safety during the night and by the light of the moon, the stay awakes to keep a watch over the chicks as it sleeps.

The poet confers noble to tall trees because they have a noble character which distinguished them from common people. They are rooted in the soil like trees. It means they are humble and just as trees provide a caring shelter to birds and animals. Goods people also show care and concern for the weak and protect them.

Q. 5. Answer any one of the following questions in about

(a) “Look, I can’t carry mountains or rocks. God gave me only a little strength. I can only carry pebbles my heart cries out for Rama and I’ll do all I can for him was the work of the squirrel less important than the monkey’s work.

Ans: Lord Rama was building a bridge and ordered his army to do so. In it his entire army of monkey picked and carried large stone. In it the little squirrel to was helping to build a bridge for lord Rama. The squirrel wanted to work hard. When the monkey asked him how he would help in building a bridge, the squirrel said that he could not carry mountain or rock. God had given him very little strength due to which he could carry only pebbles but he wanted to help lord Rama as his heart cried out for lord Rama. He was very affectionate of him.

He said that he was going to do whatever he could for lord Rama out of love and affection. The squirrel said that he would not carry mountain or rocks, he did not have much strength but he could still help by carrying pebbles. He wanted to held lord Ram in whatever way he could because his heart cried for him, her lover lord ram dearly.

From the above discussion, we can say that the work of the squirrel is also very important like the monkey work because he is working above his capacity.

Q. 6. Prepare any one project out of the following in about

(a) We often hear, “EKK Naari Padhegi Saat Peedhi taregi”. Women’s education in India has a major preoccupation of both the government and civil society, as educated women can play a very important role in the development of the country. Education is a milestone of women’s empowerment because it enables them to respond to the challenges, to confront their traditional rules, and change their lives.

Women’s education in India has been a need of the hour, as education is a foundation stone for the empowerment of woman. Education also brings a reduction in inequalities and functions as a means of improving their status within the family and develops the concept of participation.

What advantages does society get from having educated women? What are the various steps taken by the government to support women’s education in the country?

Ans: We often hear, “EKK Naari Padhegi Saat Peedhi Taregi”. Women’s education in India has a major preoccupation of both the government and civil society as educated women can play a very important role in the development of the country.

This is mainly because society gents many advantages from having educated women which are given below:

1. Women’s education will assist to decipher many problems faced by society.

2. By strengthening woman education India can attain the goal of social growth.

3. Education will enable us to control a gender rift in society. Co-education association will help children to give respect to females.

4. It will bring economic growth not only for women but also boost the GDP of a nation.

5. A well-educated woman will have an extra likelihood of giving rise to better decision for giving rise to better decision for her family’s health.

6. Education will enhance employment opportunities for women.

7. Education is an influential tool for woman’s liberalisation and authorization.

8. Education will establish awareness amongst woman which will cause improved participation in politics which eventually directs to the strengthening of democracy.

The various steps taken by the government to support woman’s education in the country are:-

(1) Saakshar Bharat Mission for female literacy.

(2) SABLA – Rajiv Gandhi scheme for empowerment of adolescent girls.

(3) Right to education consider education as a basic right which will give free and mandatory education to every child aged between 6 to 14.

(4) Enterprise of residential upper primary schools for girls.

(5) Under the scheme women’s forms known as Mahila Sangha were created.

(6) Infrastructure for girl’s hostel for secondary education is build.

(b) Writing your autobiography can seem like an overwhelming task to break it in to manageable pieces ask yourself question that will separate your life into ages, experiences and important events then, interview yourself just as you would another person if you were writing their life story.

The following list of question will help you generate brilliant ideas for your auto biographies whenever you need them:

® Who influenced your personal development?

® What are your best and worst childhood memories?

® What is your family’s social and ethnic background?

® What are your relations with parents and other relatives?

® What are your main achievements in life?

® What are your goals for the future?

® What skills would you like to develop any why?

® What was the most memorable day in your life?

® What was the most important lesson you have ever learned in your life?

® What are the most important values in life in your opinion?

Prepare your autobiography in about 150-200 words incorporating the answers to the questions mentioned above.

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