Environmental Studies – Syllabus, Notes, MCQs, Question Papers and Solutions [NEP 2023 & CBCS Pattern]

In this post you will get Environmental Studies Syllabus, MCQs, chapterwise notes, Past Exam Questions Papers and Environmental Studies Solved Question Paper of Dibrugarh University, Gauhati University, Assam University and other universities which are covered under CBCS Pattern.

environmental studies

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– Unit 1: Environmental Science Notes

– Unit 2: Environmental Degradation Notes


Environmental Studies  Syllabus  for BA, B.Com and BSC under CBCS Pattern

➡ Dibrugarh University Syllabus (NEP 2023)

Dibrugarh University Syllabus (CBCS Pattern)

Gauhati University Syllabus(CBCS Pattern)

Assam University Syllabus (CBCS Pattern)

Kolkata University Syllabus (CBCS Pattern)

Environmental Studies  MCQs  Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

Top 100 Environmental Studies MCQs

Environmental Studies  Chapterwise  Notes

Unit 1: Introduction to Environmental Studies

Unit 2: Ecosystems

Unit 3: Natural Resources: Types, Renewable and Non-renewable Resources

Unit 4: Biodiversity and Conservation (Available in DTS App – Only for Members)

Unit 5: Environmental Pollution

Unit 6: Social Issues and the Environment

Unit 7: Environmental Policies & Practices

Unit 8: Human Communities and the Environment

Unit 9: Field work

Environmental Studies  Question Papers 

➡ Dibrugarh University 2022

➡ Gauhati University 2022

➡ Assam University 2019  2021

Environmental Studies  Solved Question Papers  

➡ Dibrugarh University 2022

➡ Gauahati University (Coming Soon)

➡ Assam University (Coming Soon)

➡ Kolkata University (Coming Soon)

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