Environmental Studies Question Paper 2022 [Gauhati University BCOM, BA and BSC 2nd SEM]

Environmental Studies Question Paper 2022

Gauhati University BCOM, BA and BSC 2nd SEM (AECC)

Paper: ENV – AE – 2014

Full Marks: 80

Time: Three hours

The figures in the margin indicate full marks for the questions.

1. Fill in the blanks: (any ten)                     1×10=10

(a) The term ecology was coined by _______.

(b) _______ type of coal has highest carbon content.

(c) The Wildlife Protection Act was implemented in the year _______.

(d) Ozone layer prevents _______ from entering the earth surface.

(e) Malaria fever is caused due to the biting of _______ mosquito.

(f) The Greenhouse gas is _______.

(g) Minamata disease is caused due to the presence of _______.

(h) First ‘Earth Summit’ was held in _______ year.

(i) 5th June is celebrated as _______.

(j) Red Data Book is published by _______.

(k) Acid rain is caused by the presence of _______.

(l) The Bhopal Gas Tragedy occurred due to the leakage of _______.

(m) Species that are confined only to a particular area are called _______.

(n) The well known leader of Chipko Movement is _______.

(o) Solar energy is a _______ type of energy.

2. Answer the following questions in two or three sentences each: (any five)                     2×5=10

(a) Mention some sources of water pollution.

(b) Name some Greenhouse gases.

(c) Write the significance of Ozone layer in the atmosphere.

(d) Write the differences between ecology and ecosystem.

(e) Mention some importance of environmental studies.

(f) What do you mean by Red Data Book?

(g) Name the National Parks in Assam.

(h) Write the factors of landslide.

3. Write short notes on: (any four)                          5×4=20

(a) Wildlife Protection Act, 1972.

(b) Watershed Management.

(c) Rainwater harvesting.

(d) Sustainable Development.

(e) Urban Pollution.

(f) Food chain.

(g) Biodiversity.

(h) Natural Resources.

4. Answer the following: (any four)                         10×4=40

(a) What is population explosion? Write a note on the problems of population growth.    3+7=10

(b) What are the different sources of Air pollution? How it affects the human health?                       5+5=10

(c) Write the energy flow in ecosystem.

(d) What do you mean by in-situ conservation and ex-situ conservation? Explain with examples. 4+6=10

(e) List five important ways you could reduce the emission of Greenhouse Gases.

(f) Discuss various issues and measures for women and child welfare at international and national level.

(g) What are the importances of value educational and environmental education? How does environmental education influence value education?                          5+5=10

(h) Write a note on Human Rights.

(i) Discuss the impact of Information Technology on human health.

(j) What are ecological pyramids? Differentiate pyramid of number and pyramid of energy.            3+7=10

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