Business Studies 215 NIOS Free Solved Assignment 2022 – 23 (English Medium)

NIOS Free Solved Assignment 2022 – 2023

NIOS Business Studies 215 Free Solved Assignment 2022 – 23

Tutor Marked Assignment


Max. Marks: 20


(i) All questions are compulsory. The marks allotted for each question are given beside the questions.

(ii) Write your name, enrollment numbers, AI name and subject on the first page of the answer sheet.

1. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.      2

(a) “Transport is an auxiliary to trade”. Explain this statement in your own words.     (See Lesson-5)

Ans: Auxiliaries to trade are also known as business services. Service sector includes commercial firms engaged in banking, communication, transport, insurance and warehousing. Business cannot be even imagined in the absence of these services. All these services collectively constitute the Service Sector.

Transport means movement of goods and persons from one place to another. Road transport is the oldest means of transport, which involves conveyance of goods and persons from one place to another by roads and highways.

(b) Ms Shabina is running a business of heavy goods, and machinery and she wants to expand her business to different states. Suggest her most suitable mode of transport with its benefits. (See Lesson-5)

Ans: There are various modes of transportation available such as Road transport, water transport and air transport but there needs to be a complete evaluation of each option. Points to be taken while selecting mode of transport:

a) Cost

b) Time taken

c) Safety of goods

d) Accessibility

e) Flexibility.

Considering the above points, best mode suitable for transportation of heavy goods and machinery are:

a) Road Transport: Road transport are best suitable because of its flexibility and accessibility. Also time taken is less in cash of road because of low formalities.

b) Rail transport: Rail transport of India is the largest nationalized organization of Asia. It is now easily accessible in all the parts of our country. It is economical, safe, and fast as compared to other mode of transport.

2. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.      2

(a) ABC Company ships goods frequently to Romania. There is a warehouse in Romania to store the goods which are sold to local customers. ABC Company has to pay custom duty upon entry of the goods to Romania. Explain which kind of warehouse deals with payment of custom duty. (See Lesson-6)

Ans: Answer any one

(b) Your friend wants to transfer money to his grandparents living in a different state. What are the various ways available to him for transferring the money?    (See Lesson-8)

Ans: At present there are many options available for transferring money from one state to another or one person to another. Some are traditional and some are new age technology. Some of the popular ways to transfer money from one state to another is given below:

1. Money Order: Money order is the oldest method of transferring money from one state to another. Money order service is provided by Indian Postal Service. A person who wants to send money to another state, pays the amount and some commission at a post office and received a receipt in the name of the person to whom money is to be sent. The amount then delivered in cash by a postal employee to the payee within few days at the address specified by the payer.

2. Postal order: A postal is a type of money order usually intended for sending money through the mail. It is purchased at a post office and is payable at another post office to the named recipient. A small fee is charged by post office for this service.

3. NEFT and RTGS: NEFT and RTGS are two new age technology which is used to transfer money quickly from one account to another account. These are useful if recipient used banking services.  NEFT stands for National Electronic Funds Transfer whereas RTGS is short for Real-Time Gross Settlement.

4. Unified Payments Interface (UPI): Now a day, UPI is the best method to transfer money from one mobile to another mobile quickly. This technique is very simple and can be used by anyone. Even senior citizen is also using UPI system in sending and receiving money.

3. Answer any one of the following questions in about 40-60 words.      2

(a) “Private operators” also provide courier services. Name any two operators, and explain in your own words, any two major differences between private operator, and post office courier services (See Lesson-8)

Ans: In our town many private operators are providing courier services such as Blue Dart, DHL, ASTC Courier Services etc. Private operators are much more efficient and quick than Post office courier Service. We use both services depending on location and cost. We found some differences between private courier services and post office courier services which are listed below:

1. Price: Price of post officer courier services are much lower than private courier services. Private courier charges extra money because they provide customized services and also their services are very quick.

2. Location: Post officer courier services are available in almost every district and village of our country. But private operators provide courier services mainly in urban areas.

3. Speed delivery: Post officer courier services takes more time to deliver the post as compared to private operators.

(b) KPO is the upward shift of BPO in the value chain. Do you agree with this statement?Comment. (See Lesson-11)

Ans: Answer any one

4. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words.                 4

(a) All business enterprises are engaged in purchasing and selling things. Explain in your own words with examples, the concept of sale and purchase.  (See Lesson-12)

Ans: Answer any one

(b) Mr. Rakesh wants to become a successful salesperson in his life. Explain him certain common qualities that every salesperson should possess.  (See Lesson-16)

Qualities of a Good salesman:

1. Physical Qualities:Physical qualities include personality health, stamina and tolerance. Physical qualities are essential for creating first impression on customers.

2. Mental Qualities: Mental qualities are most important for every salesperson. These include mainly skill, mental alertness, imagination and self-confidence.

3. Social Qualities: These include social-abilities tact, sound character, and sweet nature.

4. Vocational Qualities:The salesperson should be highly ambitious and enthusiastic. It includes mainly knowledge of product, knowledge of competitive product, training and aptitude.

5. Honesty: Honesty is the best polity in every field. A salesperson should not try to win customers through false and misleading representations.

6. Politeness: A polite and sympathetic salesperson can easily win the trust of his customers.

7. Communication Skills: The success of a salesperson depends on his communication skills. He should clearly communicate what he wants to communicate to his customers.

5. Answer any one of the following questions in about 100-150 words.                 4

(a) Mr. Kaushik wants to run a large scale retail trade; where in large variety of goods can be sold in a single building. Explain the types of such stores with example.  (See Lesson-14)

Ans: Retailers can be classified by retail store strategy mix, which is an integrated combination of hours, location, assortment, service, advertising, and prices etc. The various categories are:

a. Convenience Store: It is generally a well situated, food oriented store with long operating house and a limited number of items. Consumers use a convenience store; for fill in items such as bread, milk, eggs, chocolates and candy etc.

b. Super markets: It is a diversified store which sells a broad range of food and non food items. A supermarket typically carries small house hold appliances, some apparel items,bakery, film developing, jams, pickles, books, audio/video CD’s etc.

c. Department Stores: A department store usually sells a general line of apparel for the family, household linens, home furnishings and appliances. Large format apparel department stores include Pantaloon, Ebony and Pyramid. Others in this category are:Shoppers Stop and West side.

d. Speciality Store: Such store mainly concentrates on the sale of a single line of products or services, such as Audio equipment, Jewellery, Beauty and Health Care, etc. Consumers are not confronted with racks of unrelated merchandise. Successful Speciality stores in India include, Music World for audio needs, Tanishq for jewellery and McDonalds, PizzaHut and Nirula’s for food services.

5. Hyper Markets: Is a special kind of combination store which integrates an economy super market with a discount department store. A hyper market generally has an ambience which attracts the family as whole. LULU hypermarket is good example of hypermarket.

(b) You are aware that Scarcity in supply of goods may increase their price in the market.Again, excess production and supply may also lead to fall in prices of the product.Analyze how to maintain a reasonable level of price in a market.(See Lesson-6)

Ans: Answer any one

6. Prepare any one project of the following projects given below.           6

(a) Mrs. XYZ is running a grocery store, and wants to increase the sale of product. Do you think sales promotion is important in increase the sale of product? If yes,explain.  (See Lesson-16)

Ans: Sales promotion is one of the most loosely used terms in the marketing vocabulary. We define sales promotion as demand stimulating devices designed to supplement advertising and facilitate personal selling. In other words, sales promotion signifies all those activities that supplement, co-ordinate and make the efforts of personal selling and advertising more effective. It is non-recurrent in nature which means it can’t be used continuously.

Sales promotion is very important for every business even a grocery store. It helps in increasing sales. Some of the importance and objectives of sales promotion are given below:

1. Sales promotion tools vary in their specific objectives. A free sample stimulates consumer trial, while a free management advisory service cements a long-term relationship with a retailer.

2. From the marketer’s perspective, sales promotion serves three essential roles it informs, persuades and reminds prospective and current customers and other selected audiences about a company and its products. The relative importance of those roles varies according to the circumstances faced by a firm.

3. The most useful product or brand will be a failure if no one knows it is available! Because distribution channels are often long, a product may pass through many lands between a producer and consumers. Therefore, a producer must inform middlemen as well as the ultimate consumers or business users about the product. Wholesalers, in turn must inform retailers and retailers must inform consumers. As the number of potential customers grows and the geographic dimensions of a market expand, the problems and costs of informing the market increase.

4. Another purpose of sales promotion is persuasion. The intense competition among different industries, puts tremendous pressure on the promotional programmes of sellers. In India, even a product designed to satisfy a basic physiological need requires strong persuasive promotion, because consumers have many alternatives to choose from. In the case of luxury product, for which sales depend on the ability to convince consumers that the products benefits exceed those of other luxuries, persuasion is even more important.

Consumers also must be reminded about a product’s availability and its potential to satisfy. sellers bombard the market place units’ hundreds of messages every day in the hope of attracting new consumers and establishing markets for new products. Given the intense competition for consumers‟ attention, even an established firm must constantly remind people about its brand to retain a place in their minds. Much of a firm’s sales promotion may be intended simply to offset competitors marketing activity by keeping its brand in front of the market.

Objectives of Sales Promotion: The basic objectives of sales promotion are:

i) To introduce new products: To induce buyers to purchase a new product, free samples may be distributed or money and merchandise allowance may be offered to business to stock and sell the product.

ii) To attract new customers: New customers may be attracted through issue of free samples, premiums, contests and similar devices.

iii) To induce present customers to buy more: Present customers may be induced to buy more by knowing more about a product, its ingredients and uses.

iv) To help firm remain competitive: Sales promotions may be undertaken to meet competition from a firm.

v) To increase sales in off season: Buyers may be encouraged to use the product in off seasons by showing them the variety of uses of the product.

vi) To increase the inventories of business buyers: Retailers may be induced to keep in stock more units of a product so that more sales can be effected.

(b) Read any one Newspaper and find out from the articles, and advertisements about the products being sold through Internet. Mention the advantages and disadvantages, of Internet shopping. (See Lesson-16)

Ans: Answer any one


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